Land Research Center - LRC

Historical Overview

Land Research Center – LRC – was founded in 1986 in Jerusalem as part of the Arab Studies Society, established by late Faisal Husseini. LRC was registered in the occupied Palestinian territories in 1999 as an independent nongovernmental body under the registration no. BL-322-P in accordance with the Law of Charitable Societies and Non- Governmental Organizations. The General Assembly consists of 24 members, professional in different domains related to the work of the center in addition to the 7-member board of directors elected every three years. LRC has branches in Hebron, Bethlehem and Nablus; its main headquarter located in Jerusalem is closed since February 08, 2002 by a military order that is automatically renewed every six months.

The Center's activities and interventions are in line with Palestinian Political, economical and Social context.