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Palestinian cultural events are not allowed in Jerusalem


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The Israeli occupation authorities issued an order to cancel an event organized by “Volunteer for hope” association in Afro-Jerusalemite society place in the old city of Jerusalem in November 15 on the pretext that it is sponsored by The Palestinian authority.

The order says:

“In application of the center agreement about west bank and Gaza strip (events regulation) 1994 and after I received that in November 15 -2018 an event organized or sponsored by the Palestinian government will be held in Afro-Jerusalemite society place without a permission, According to article 3 (A) I have the power to prohibit organizing the event in Jerusalem or any other place in Israel, and I order any one in charge in the Afro-Jerusalemite society to prohibit carrying out the event.”

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The Israeli occupation authorities prohibit any events sponsored or organized by the Palestinian authorities in Jerusalem , each year the Israeli occupation cancels and halts tens of events in occupied Jerusalem for political or security claims, even sometimes claiming that it is organized by a “terrorist” organization, this aims to isolate Jerusalemites from Palestinian society and government.

Noteworthy, this is not the first time the Israeli authorities cancel a Palestinian event in Jerusalem:

  • In January 2018 The occupation’s authorities prohibited a press conference entitled (Isn’t it time for the world to hear Jerusalem’s screams) , in Ad-Dar hotel.
  • In February 2018 the Israeli occupation prohibited the following events:
  • Honoring ceremony for teachers in Jerusalem schools, the occupation’s police prohibited The Palestinian minister of Education from reaching the ceremony.
  • A dinner event for Jerusalemite journalists on Philadelphia restaurant, and arrested the restaurant’s manager for 15 hours.
  •  Preventing Minister of Education Sabri Saidem and Minister of Tourism and Antiquities  Rula Ma’aia from participating in the opening ceremony of Transinta school in the old city of Jerusalem.
  • In March 2018 the Israeli occupation prohibited the following events:
  • An event celebrating Women’s day of March 8.
  • A Palestinian marathon, and confiscted Palestinian flags and scarves from the participants.
  •  Land’s day event, organized by activists.
  • In June 2018 the Israeli occupation prohibited the following events:
  • Chamber of commerce organized a Fast breaking meal in Ramadan for Journalists.
  • The Russian embassy and The Palestinian Russian friendship association organized an event entitled “hosting the Russian national day”.
  • In July 2018: The Israeli occupation forces prohibited an Academic conference was set to be held in Hend Al-Husseini college in Jerusalem entitled “Islamic endowment in Jerusalem”
  • In October 2018: The Israeli intelligence prohibited a cultural event memorizing Husne Al-Ashahab.
  •  In November 2018: Israeli troops raided Silwan club place during a workshop of Palestinian vision association, Silwan club and ACT , assaulted participants and arrested Jerusalem’s governor “ Adnan Ghaith” , Palestinian vision association’s director Rami Nasr Al-Deen, Ez Barbar and Muhannad Salhab.

This case study is part of Kan'aan Project

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