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Secure Palestinians Land & Housing Rights (SPLHR)

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Secure Palestinians Land &  Housing Rights (SPLHR)

Overall Objective

Reinforce the role of Palestinian society in area C in defending their land & housing rights

Specific Objective

Aid residents of area "C" in Bethlehem & Nablus Governorates to access legal assistance essential for defending land and housing rights

Expected Outputs

Output 1. 22 Municipal Information & Legal Aid Desks " MILAD" for technical and legal aid established

Output 2. Sustainable access to technical and legal information related to land and housing rights for 267 residences in the targeted communities guaranteed

Output 3. 200 households from the victims of Israeli military orders of housing demolition and/or land confiscations, technically and legally supported

Output4. Advocacy actions at national and international level including (Monitoring and documentation of Israeli violations; popular campaigns; international conference all related to rights to land and housing) carried out.

Implemented By

Land Research Center – LRC

Targeted Areas

Municipalities and Joint Service Councils at Bethlehem & Nablus Governorate

30th January 2018- 30th June 2020

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