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Demolishing a house in Aj-Jiftlik village / North Jericho


Violation: Demolishing a house on the pretext of building without licenses.

Location: Aj-Jiftlik village / Jericho governorate.

Date: September 30th 2020.

Perpetrators: The Israeli Occupation Civil Administration.

Victims: Citizen Hussain Al-Ka’abneh.


Wednesday September 30th 2020, The Israeli Occupation forces raided Tel As-Samadi area south Aj-Jiftlik , and carried out demolishing a house built of steel sheets and stones , belong to Hussain Al-Ka’abneh (28) , and has a total area of 80 m2.

Tuesday, September 22nd 2020, the occupation authorities gave the owner a halt of work notice for his residence on the pretext of building without licenses in C area, The notice was issued under military order 1797, and gave the owner only 96 hours before carrying out the demolition.

The owner told LRC:

“Once I received the notice I contacted official bodies in Jericho and the Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Center, the targeted house is the only residence for my family of 5, 3 of them are children, the occupation refused the licensing request, and now my family is left homeless.”

Last July, The Israeli Occupation demolished several agricultural facilities in Aj-Jiftlik under notices issued in reference to military order 1797.

About al- Jiftlik:

It is located 35km to the northern part of Jericho city and is edged by the village of Beit Dajan from the northwest and Massua colony from the west. The village has a population of 3100 people until 2017 and has a total land area of 185031 dunums of which 1110 dunums are built-up area. Noteworthy, the occupation expropriated around 12040 dunums from the village as follows:

3207 dunums were confiscated for the favor of establishing colonies in the nearby.

3328 dunums were confiscated for the bypass roads no. (90, 505, and 508).

5505 dunums were confiscated for the favor of military camps


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