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Violation: Uprooting and vandalizing 45 olive saplings.

Date: Oct 7th 2020.

Location: Qawawis – Yatta town/ Hebron governorate.

Perpetrators: Illegal colonists of “Mitzpe Ya’er”.

Victims: family of farmer Wael Jebril Mohammed Zain.


Farmer Wael Zain (27) reported that in Oct 27th 2020, illegal Israeli colonists cut and uprooted 45 olive saplings from his plot in Qawawis east Yatta / South Hebron.

Zain asserted:

“I inherited a 2 dunums plot in the east of Qawawis village, in 2018 I cultivated the plot with olive saplings aging 6 years old (each one of the saplings cost 75 shekels (22 $).)

There is no source of water in my plot, I used to take water from Yatta town in order to irrigate the saplings, they clearly grew, and I was looking forward to harvest the olive crop for the first time this year. But unfortunately, I received a call from a neighbor saying that the trees were uprooted and destroyed, I rushed to the plot in fear.”

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Photos 1-3: the targeted plot after the attack

The illegal colony Mitzpe Yaer is built on confiscated lands 500 m away to the east of the targeted plot , and the colonial road that leads to the colony passes by it, which made Zain prone to settler’s violence.

Zain filed a complaint to the occupation’s police; they came to the location to collect evidence and told him to go to Kiryat Arba’a police station for a written complaint. But Zain does not trust the Occupation Juridical system, the police haven’t done anything yet to protect his plot, and they never give Palestinians the Justice they deserve.

About Al-Qawawis village:[1]

Al-Qawawis is one of Masafer Yatta villages, Al-Qawawis village has a built up area of 31 dunums and inhabited by 31 people , Al-Qawawis is bordered by Khirbet Saroura (east) , She’ab Al-Butum (west) , At-Tawani village and bypass 356 (north) and Susiya settlement (south). The village is under Masafer Yatta village council administration.

The village of Al-Qawawis lacks any sort of services, health or educational institutions. people of Al-Qawawis depend mainly on agriculture and animal husbandry for living , the village is provided with electricity through solar cells and wing tribunes. Noteworthy, all of Al-Qawawis structures are threatened of demolition by the occupation.