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After the Israeli-Emirati normalization agreement , UAE invests in an Israeli Judaization scheme in Wadi Al-Jouz / Occupied Jerusalem


 Shortly after signing a normalization agreement between the Israeli Occupation and the United Arab Emirates, the later is already investing in Israeli colonial scheme “Silicon Wadi”, which is planned to be built on Wadi Al-Jouz lands.

Wadi Al-Jouz used to be a place more than 200 shops, supermarkets, garages, all of which received stop-work notices , and will be evicted soon in order to implement the Israeli scheme Silicon Wadi.

Few years ago, the Israeli Occupation confiscated 13 dunums of the industrial area under the pretext of developing the city. This resolution followed an approval for a new colony on Karm Al-Mufti lands, accompanied by expansion works on the nearby street to suit the new colony built on confiscated Palestinian lands.

Early this year, the Israeli Occupation municipality on their website announced that Dec 31st 2020 is the final date for Palestinian facilities’ owners to evict their properties, in order to implement their “developmental” plan number 0465229-101 , and approved in January 6th 2020.  

The Occupation municipality promotes this scheme as a developmental plan that will create thousands of jobs and provides licenses for new developmental projects. Behind this announcement, the ugly truth can no longer hide itself, as thousands of Palestinians will lose their jobs and facilities for the sake of Israel’s development, apparently, this plan was pre-prepared and supported by the UAE government.

The implementation of this plan will cause a tragedy as 200 Palestinian shops and facilities will close their doors, the owners are waiting anxiously as the end of the year approaches.

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