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Confiscating tents in Ramun / Ramallah Governorate


Violation: Confiscating Agricultural and Residential tents.

Location: Ramun village/ Ramallah Governorate.

Date: June 13th 2021.

Perpetrators: The Building Inspector at the Israeli Civil Administration.

Victims: families of Abdul Hafiz Al-Ka’abneh and Ibrahim Al-Ka’abneh.


June 13th 2021, The Israeli Occupation Forces accompanied by the building inspector at the Israeli Civil Administration raided Al-Ka’abneh Bedouin community in Ramun village, and dismantled residential tents and facilities under claims that they are installed on a closed military zone.

The following table shows more information about the targeted facilities:

Affected Citizen

Family members

Children under 18

Number of heads of sheep

The targeted facilities


Abdul Hafeeth Al-Ka’abneh




-Residential tent 45 m2.

-Residential tent 60 m2.

-Sheep barn 120 m2.

-Water tank 1.5 m3.

-Solar cells (3).

Ibrahim Al-Ka’abneh




Residential tents 45 m2





 Source: Firsthand Field Observation- Israeli Violations Monitoring Section – Land Research Center, June 2021.

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    Photos 1-2: the location following the confiascation 

Abdul Hafeez Al-Ka’abneh told LRC:

“During Winter season we install our tents at Al-Mu’arijat area, while during summer we move our tents to Ramun village, but the occupation is not leaving us alone either way. Last December, the so called building inspector notified our tents at Al-Mu’arejat area , and one year ago I received a notice for installing the tents in Ramun area. And today, the occupation confiscates the tents and leaves my children under the burning summer sky.”

Noteworthy, in June 7th 2021 , Land Research Center documented an Israeli assault on Al-Ka’abneh Bedouin community at the same area. Four families were affected as a result of confiscating their tents and residences, and two families were forcedly displaced.

Most families in Ramallah Bedouin area and Al-M’uarjat face displacement threats, especially following the construction of many tents and their continuous expansion. On the other hand, the occupation imposes laws that restrict use of postures, and prohibit construction at the area to keep it a reserve for future colonial expansion.

Legal Commentary:

The demolition and threat of Palestinian housing and installations by the occupation authorities is part of their violations of international and humanitarian law, and the violation of a right of Palestinian citizens guaranteed by international law and international treaties, which is the right to adequate housing, within the following articles:

Article 147 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, which states that “Destruction and appropriation of property not justified by military necessity and on a large scale in an unlawful and arbitrary manner.” These are grave breaches of the convention.

Article 53 of the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1948 prohibits the destruction of property, as this article states the following: “The occupying power is prohibited from destroying any fixed or movable private property related to individuals or groups, the state or public authorities, or social or cooperative organizations. Unless the war operations inevitably require this destruction.

Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention states: “No protected person may be punished for an offense he or she has not personally committed.

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This report was prepared as part of Secure Palestinian Land & Housing Rights project activities

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