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The Israeli Occupation Shuts Down Health Work Committee Office in Ramallah


Violation: The Israeli Occupation closes Health Work Committee headquarter in Ramallah.

Location: Al-Bireh -  Sateh Marhaba/ Ramallah city.

Date: June 9th 2021.

Perpetrators: The Israeli Occupation Army.

Victims: Patients who benefit from the organization.


Wednesday, June 9th 2021, A massive army force raided “Staeh Marhaba” area at the middle of Ramallah, and targeted the main headquarter of Health Work Committee, ransacked it, searched the premises for hours before leaving with the hard discs and the Map of Palestine. The raid mainly took place at the first floor.

Before leaving, the Occupation Forces put a military order at the main entrance, stating that the headquarter will be closed off for six months, Until December 9th 2021 – for no clearly apparent reasons.

Mrs Shatha Abu Fanouna , General Manager of Health Work Committee said:

“At 5:00 am, the office warning alarm which is linked to my phone rang ,  I Knew that the occupation troops raided the office , the raids were repeated three times during the past few years. and every time they confiscatethe organization’s archive documents. About 6:00 am I arrived at the office in Sateh Marhaba , the occupation troops had left after ransacking the office and hanging a Shut Down notice on the door.

Closing the office will paralyze our work in all departments including financial and administrative, it will also affect our funding considering that the headquarter is closed. In addition to the suppliers of medication and medical equipment who may lose trust in us, they have been calling all morning to express their worries about our mutual financial matters.”

The Occupation raided the area and confiscated documents and disks in early November 2019, after the occupation arrested Financial manager Waleed Hanatsha following security-related accusations.

Health Work Committees (HWC) is a non-governmental health and development organization. It was established in 1985 by a group of Palestinian volunteers who worked in the health sector for the purpose of meeting the health care needs of the Palestinian population living under Israeli occupation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. In 2003 it was registered as an NGO in the Palestinian Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Health. The Organization has many offices around West Bank and Gaza Strip and provide medical services for all society members. The Organization provides services through Oasis Center for People with Mental Disability, The Elderly Club; a day care club for the elderly that provide recreational, cultural and social activities for the elderly in Beit Sahur. In addition to providing services at the medical center in Qalqilya, the Organization also provides services through Tubas Hospital, which was turned into a Corona treatment quarantine and center during the pandemic.

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Photo 1: Health Work Committee headquarter in Ramallah

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Photos 2-5: closure notices

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