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Israeli Police Attacks Worshippers in Al-Aqsa Mosque / Occupied Jerusalem


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Monday, May 10th 2021, A Massive Army Force raided Al-‘Aqsa Mosque and shot tear gas and rubber bullets inside the mosque towards Palestinian and Moslem Worshippers . Reportedly, the Occupation troops concentrated near Chain gate and the Moghrabi Gate, before raiding the mosque in large numbers.

The police forces closed the mosque on worshippers, and threw sonic pumps inside, which resulted in smashing windows and setting fire to the mosque’s carpet.

The Occupation police put metal chains on the door of the clinic related to Al-Aqsa Mosque and completely closed it, to prohibited medical staff from providing medical aid to the injuries, and assaulted medical staffs.

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The Occupation Forces also closed off the entrances of the old city, and spread around the compound to assault Palestinian worshippers.

According to the Palestinian red cross reports, about 310 injuries reached out for medical aid, and most injuries were shot with rubber bullets on the upper body and eye. Apparently, the occupation forces intensively shot targets in their eyes. in addition to many injuries due to explosion of sonic pumps inside the mosque.

The Occupation’s Police attacked Al-Aqsa Mosque 5 days in a raw, the attacks mostly took place at night after Isha prayer.

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The Occupation Forces followed the injuries towards Al-Aqsa Mosque gates and in Al-Makassed Hospital, where they arrested many. Moreover, The Occupation Police members encircled Al-Makassed Hospital and threw tear gas pumps into the hospital’s building.

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