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Israeli Occupation Forces take measurements for Jerusalem cemetery in preparation for cable car project


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On March 15, 2018 Israel Nature Authority and Municipality broke into Bab Al-Rahma cemetery and took measurements for the area, which they declared confiscated in favor of the cable car project.  Noteworthy, the project will link Mount Olive with the targeted cemetery.  

Reportedly, Israeli Occupation Authorities confiscated the land by force despite it being controlled by Islamic Endowment Department and owned by Al-Ansari and Al-Husseini families.

Two years ago, Israeli Occupation Authorities installed direction signs between the graves and set up a fence to surround the confiscated area that is adjacent to Al-Aqsa Mosque eastern wall.

Reportedly, Israel Police banned, several times, the burying of deceased Palestinians in that very area and used force to suppress funeral procession. Not only, Israel Nature Authority cut down trees and defaced Islamic tombs in attempt to wipe out Palestinian history from the area.

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After the owner families submitted an objection to Israeli courts, a decision was made on December 2017 to halt all works implemented by Israel Nature Authority and Municipality but the decision was not followed and works were continued.

Such projects aim at changing the landmarks of the city to appear more Jewish and to meet the allegations of the Jewish narrative.

Reportedly, the occupation authorities seek to seize the whole cemetery due to the fact that it is adjacent to Al-Aqsa Mosque from the eastern side. According to some Jewish beliefs, the entrance to the Temple Mount is through the Golden Gate(currently closed), which is founded in AL-Aqsa Mosque Wall from the side of the cemetery.

This case study is part of Kan'aan Project

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