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Israeli settlement association seizes a building in Occupied Jerusalem


Israeli Occupation Forces expelled on April 08, 2018 three Jerusalemite families from their residences founded in Silwan town, south Al-Aqsa Mosque. Noteworthy, the building that belongs to Rweidi family was seized - in twisted ways- by settlement association called Elad.

Affected owner, Khalid Rweidi, told Land Research Center that three families live in the seized apartments, which are detailed as follows:







Samira Rweidi (wife of deceased owner)

The deceased (Attallah Rweidi)




Faisal Rweidi




Atta Rweidi

Khalid Rweidi



Reportedly,  Elad association has been trying to control the houses for three years, claiming that his brother, Rizeq Rweidi, sold them to the association before he was killed by unknown persons. Since then, the family has submitted the necessary papers confirming that Rizeq does not own the houses but lives in one of them which is his father’s house (Atallah Rweidi), and it is an inheritance for seven people, "Rizeq, his brothers and sisters" and he has no right to sell or buy.

In a lawsuit submitted by Elad, it was alleged that Rizeq was owed to Elad Association, and after the declaration of his bankruptcy, the association agreed with the collection department appointed by the Central Court in the "bankruptcy file" to give the houses to the Association and to pay the money to the treasury of bankruptcy.

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The seized house entrance

The lawyer of the collection department claimed that the District Court requested the family to pay NIS 100,000 nearly two weeks ago to the court’s treasury to stop the eviction procedures, but the family assured that they were not informed by their lawyers about the matter and that they were only surprised by the intrusion and eviction.

Settlement organizations such like Elad and Atert Cohanim are considered far right extremist that are active in Jerusalem city. The organizations enjoy very big budgets to purchase properties in the occupied city. They also support colonial projects in Silwan town and the periphery of the Old City to reinforce control on it.

Acceding to International Laws, Jerusalem is occupied since 1967 and that any act of purchase or sale conducted by the occupying power is considered null.

This case study is part of Kan'aan Project

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