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New Pastoral Outpost to be Established in Deir Dibwan town / Ramallah Governorate


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Violation: Establishing  a new Pastoral outpost.

Location: Deir Dibwan town / Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate.

Date: April 2nd 2023.

Perpetrators: a group of radical colonists.

Victims: a number of farmers at the town.


Sunday , April 2nd 2023 , a group of radical colonists raided the southern area of Deir Dibwan in Al-Karma area , precisely in  natural blocks (25,26,27) and sat up residential and agricultural tents at the location leveling to take over an area of 4 dunums.

Noteworthy , the targeted lands were registered in Jordanian land settlement in the names of farmers at the town , colonists started establishing an outpost in order to impose their control over vast areas of pastoral areas.

Citizen Ayoub Mansour , member of Deir Dibwan municipal council told LRC: “The targeted area is very important to farmers at the town , it surrounds more than 90 dunums of farmers lands , the outpost will restrict farmers’ movement , especially as farmers are completely blocking the southern area.”

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Noteworthy, this is not the only outpost to be built during this time , another one is growing in Wadi As-Seeq area , which means the confiscation of vast areas of Deir Dibwan , and more Judaization at the area on the expense of indigenous people and culture.

About Deir Dibwan:

5 kilometer east Ramallah, Ramallah is surrounded by Ramon and Ein Yabrud (north), Beitin (west), Al-Nuwe’ma and Ein Dyuk Al-Fuqa (east) , Anatta, Mikhmas. Burqa from the south.

Deir Dibwan has a total population of 4169 people according to statistics conducted in 2017. It has a total area of 74,285 of which 1,789 dunums are a built-up area of the village. The occupation devoured (4121) dunums for the following purposes:

1: settlements confiscated 1346 dunums:

Settlement’s name

Establishing year

Area of confiscated land

Number of settlers

Kokhav Yaacov




Mitzpe Danny




Neve Erez




Maale Mikhmas




2: Bypass roads (458 and 457) devoured over (1,543) dunums.

3: Military camps devoured (1,232)dunums

According to Oslo conventions The areas are clarified in donums as following:

  • Area A (307) donums
  • AreaB (12,925) donums
  • Area C (61,052) donums .