Land Research Center - LRC


Human Rights Program - Rights to Land & Housing

It is viewed as one of the most crucial programs implemented on the national level. The program aims to monitor Israeli violations of Palestinians rights, compile detailed and precise information in this regard and make the information available to people all over the world in order to garner more support and mobilize solidarity with the Palestinian cause.

The Center has offered Palestinian families advisory opinions and recommendations in regard to confiscations, demolitions, and demolition threats. It has also adopted several cases where it provided financial, logistical, and legal support to victims.

LRC operates in cooperation with a large number of local and international organizations in order to support the Palestinians’ right to adequate housing, guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Main departments of the Human Rights program:

- Monitoring and Documenting Israeli Violations Department.

- Department of lobbying and advocacy.

- Legal and technical aid department.

Latest Projects