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Land Research Center hosts a delegation from the Islamic Development Bank in an inspection visit to its projects implemented in Bethlehem Governorate


Representative from LRC received a delegation from the Islamic development Bank in Al-Ubaidiya municipality hall, the parties held a meeting with Al-Ubaidiya Mayor Ibrahim Rabaya’a , members of the municipal council , Shukri Radaida from Local government directorate in Bethlehem, D. Ezz Ad-Deen Abu Arqub from the ministry of agriculture, Majdi Amer from the directorate of agriculture in Bethlehem, Mohammad Hassasneh, and Medhat Atawneh from LRC.

 Al-Ubaidiya mayor welcomed the attendance and praised LRC role in implementing roads rehabilitation projects in marginalized areas and expressed his gratitude to the Islamic development Bank for funding the projects.

LRC vice-president Mohammad Hassasneh talked briefly about the center’s vision, newsletter, and recent projects, He also explained roads projects’ implementation techniques in area C despite the political reality. Area C is about 63 % of West Bank and it is under Israeli full administrative and military sovereignty.

 The project’s coordinator Medhat Atawneh explained the implementation techniques of 32 km of agricultural road lead to thousand of dunums of Arable lands. The delegation conducted a field visit to the implemented roads in Al-Ubaidiya  (7.5 km).

The delegation moved to Za’atara and met with numbers of steadfast farmers and Al-Ubaidiya mayor Ali Mhaisen, the mayor expressed his gratitude to donors and implementers of the project, which included splitting and rehabilitating 13 km of agricultural roads , and stressed on the extremely efficient team and the outcome’s high quality . Noteworthy, LRC implemented several projects aim to develop the agricultural sector in Za’atara , by facilitating farmers’ accessing to their lands ,and helping farmers of the eastern area as they depend mainly on agriculture for living.

The delegation also visited several agricultural lands that were reclaimed after the roads opening, the roads encouraged farmers to cultivate their lands in marginalized areas.

Noteworthy, LRC is implementing land development in area C at Hebron & Bethlehem governorates through opening / rehabilitating agricultural roads project, which is funded by Arab Authority for agricultural investment and development through Al-Aqsa Fund and managed by the Islamic Bank. The project will implement Splitting and rehabilitating 82 km of agricultural roads, first phase is in Bethlehem governorate (32 km) and the second phase is in Hebron governorate (50 km).

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 land development in area C at Hebron & Bethlehem governorates through opening / rehabilitating agricultural roads