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Under claims of using an Archaeological area, the occupation threatens to remove number of facilities in Ibziq hamlet / Tubas governorate


Violation: A notice to stop destroying antiquities and confiscating agricultural machineries.

Location: Ibziq hamlet/ Tubas governorate.

Date: November 1st - 3rd 2020.

Perpetrators: The Israeli Occupation Civil Administration.

Victims: Citizens of Ibziq hamlet.


Sunday, November 2020 , the so called Officer of Archeology in the civil administration raided the Bedouin Community in Khirbet Ibziq north Tubas, and targeted a house belong to Mohannad Al-Ghaiba (28) who supports a family of 8 (3 of them are children) , the officer handed the notice to Mohannad Ghaiba and ordered him to remove his structures under claims of setting them up on an “Archeological site” , the notice was entitled “halting Destroying Archaeologies” and numbered (00515).

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Notice number 00515 targeting facilities belong to Al-Ghaiba

The targeted facilities belong to:

  • Residential tent built of plastic sheets and a metal body with a total area of 45 m2 , inhabited by Mohannad’s father , and his two brothers Hussain and ‘Ahed.
  • Residential tent built of plastic sheets and a metal body with a total area of 60 m2, inhabited by Mohannad , his wife and 3 kids.
  • Agricultural tent built of plastic sheets and a metal body with a total area of 60 m2, that accommodate 28 heads of sheep.
  • Solar cells (2).

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The targeted facilities

Mohannad Al-Ghaiba told LRC the following:

“We have been living in Ibziq hamlet for 18 years, and we depend mainly on herding for living, the occupation forces raided the hamlet and gave us removal notices on our houses and facilities under claims of using a site of Archeology. I can’t find a place to protect my children from the winter’s coldness, most of the surrounding lands are closed military areas, and we are besieged from all sides.”

Confiscating Agricultural Machineries and Tools:

At the same context , Tuesday 8:00 , November 3rd 2020 , massive army forces raided Ibziq hamlet and confiscated 9 tractors , 5 water reservoirs (each one has a storage capacity of (2 m3), in addition to 5 carts and 2 private Toyota cars, under claims that the area is a closed military zone.

The following table shows more information about the targeted facilities:


Confiscated properties

Confiscation notice

Ibziq village council

A Tractor (donation from the presidential office)


‘Imad Nasrallah Al-Hroub

Confiscating a tractor , a private car (Toyota) , and 2 carts


‘Aziz Nawaja’a

Confiscating a tractor (Ford)


Musatafa Hroub

Confiscating a tractor and a cart


‘Adel Al-Hroub

Confiscating 2 water reservoirs , with a storage capacity of 2m3 for each


Ahmed Naghnagheya

Confiscating a tractor and a cart


Lutfi Nasrallah

Confiscating a tractor and a water reservoir (2 m3)


Nazeeh Naghnagheya

Confiscating a tractor and a water reservoir 2 m3


Mohammed Al-Hroub

Confiscating a water reservoir 2 m3, and a Mercedes truck


Ibziq village council head Abdul Majed Khdeirat told LRC:

“Ibziq hamlet is inhabited by 256 people (about 38) families, who depend mainly on agriculture and cattle breeding for living, the hamlet lacks basic services such as water, electricity, roads. However, agricultural tools and machineries are a main mean of transportation for residents of the hamlet, and to get water, groceries, feeds, and confiscating them will make the life of residents of the village seems so difficult.”

Khdeirat asserted: “The Occupation forces use agricultural lands and postures in military trainings, and impose realities on the ground to push people to leave the area in every possible way.”

About two-third of the hamlet’s residents go back to Hroub family, that were forcedly displaced from their homes in the 1948 and found Ibziq hamlet as a refuge , and other families such as Al-Khdour , Jabareen , Nawaja’a, Sawafta , Mahadma refuged to Ibziq searching for water and postures.

According to the village council , the community has a total area of 8000 dunums , of which 5000 dunums are classified as The Hashemite Kingdom Treasury, the occupation authorities classified them as closed military zones and military training areas and prohibit Bedouins from accessing them.


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Photos 4+5: Ibziq hamlets

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