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The Occupation Destroyed a Metal Siege that Surrounds an Agricultural land in Deir Nitham / Ramallah Governorate


Violation: Destroying 300 m of a metal siege that surrounds the agricultural land.

Location: Wad Abu Raya – Deir Nitham Village/ Ramallah Governorate.

Date: April 29th 2021.

Perpetrators: The building inspector related to the Israeli Civil Administration.

Victims: heirs of Salama Salama, heirs of Hassan At-Tamimi, Heirs of Mohammed At-Tamimi.


Thursday morning, April 29th 2021, The So-called building inspector at the Israeli Civil Administration raided Wad Abu Raya area related to Deir Nitham village in Natural Block “6”.

 The Occupation destroyed metal siege and corners, that were going to surround a 50 dunums a plot.

Citizen Munjed At-Tamimi told LRC:

“At the beginning of this year we started rehabilitating a 50 dunums plot, noting that the occupation has been prohibiting cultivating the plot for the past 20 years, as it is close to a military watch point and “Halmish” colony, despite the hardship we are doing everything in our hands to protect the plot from colonists.”

Noteworthy, the 50 dunums plot faces confiscation threats for the sake of “Halmish” colony, noting that the siege is a donation from Economic and Social Development Center, with OXFAM funding.

Munjed asserted:

“During March 2020, the occupation confiscated my truck while I was cultivating the plot without any preceding notices. At early April 2021, we got funding to fence the plot, but before completing the siege we received a halt of work notice issued in reference to law (1797) which does not give chances to the affected to object on the demolition notices.”

Noteworthy, only few meters away from the location, the occupation sets up An-Nabi Saleh military roadblock and imposes restrictions on land access, on the other hand they protect colonists while the carry out attacks against Palestinians.

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Photo 1: Destroying a metal siege

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Photo 2: The notice

About Deir Nitham village:[1]

25 kilometers north west Ramallah, Deir Nitham village is surrounded by An-Nabi Salih and Bni Zeid Al-Gharbeyeh towns (north) , ‘Abud (west) , Kobar and Umm Safa (east) and Beitillu (south). It has a population of 876 people in 2017 census.

Deir Nitham has an area of 2,758 dunums , 161 of them are a built up area of the town, the Israeli illegal occupation confiscated parts of the towns’ lands for the following purposes:

“Hallamish” illegal settlement confiscated more than 604 dunums, established in 1977.

Bypass roads (450 and 465) confiscated over 250 dunums.

The land is divided according to Oslo convention to B and C areas:

  • Area B: 128 dunums.
  • Area C: 2,630 dunums.

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