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Israeli settlers sabotage 17 olive seedlings in Ramallah governorate


Violation: cutting down and sabotaging trees 

Location: Al-Janyeh village-Ramallah 

Date:  February 15, 2021

Perpetrators: Israeli fanatic settlers

Victims: the Palestinian farmer Satti Fakhaideh


On February 15, 2021, a group of Israeli settlers from the outpost newly established on confiscated lands from the Palestinian village of Ras Karkar sneaked into the area locally known as “Wad Hirzallah” in Al-Janyeh village and sabotaged 17 olive seedlings aging four years. It is reported that the trees were hit with huge rocks and that the fence surrounding the parcel was cut down and sabotaged.  Noteworthy, the parcel is owned by the Palestinian farmer Satti Fakhaideh (67 years).

The affected farmer told Land Research Center the following:

“I own three dunums of lands that are planted with olive trees. The land is located to the north of the village and is only 180 meters away from the village’s houses. Two years ago, I planted more olive seedlings even though settlers never stopped harassing me while doing so. They even threatened my life and expelled me out of my land repeatedly. Settlers of Talmon are only 500 meters from my land”

 He also added:

“I received a phone call from one of my relatives saying that there are some settlers present in my land. Once I arrived to the location, I found out that 17 olive seedlings were sabotaged. My neighbor Amjad Fakhaideh told me that he saw three settlers fleeing towards the newly established outpost in the area. After I checked the damages, I found out the protection fences surrounding each seedling were sabotaged. I filed a complaint to the Israeli Police, but it was to no avail”".

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Photos 1-4: the damages that followed the attack

It worth mentioning that a group of settlers from Talmon settlement established a new outpost on lands confiscated from Palestinians. The residents of this outpost frequently carry out attacks and harassments on Palestinian farmers and lands. For more information on the outpost, visit this link.

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Photo 6: the newly established outpost

Al-Janyeh village:

Located 12 km to the northwest of Ramallah city, it is edged by Al-Mazra’a al A-Qiblyeh from the east, Ras Karkar village from the west, Bitillu village from the north, and Deir Ibzi’ from the south.

The village has a total area of 8519 dunums, of which 257 are considered built-up area.

Israeli settlement established on lands of the village:


Year of establishment

No. of settlers

Area confiscated from the village

Total area





















Israeli bypass roads number (463 and 450) with a total length of 3000 meters control around 300 dunums of the village’s land

lands classifications according to Oslo Agreement:

  • Area B: 784 dunums
  •  Area C: 7735 dunums

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This report was prepared as part of Secure Palestinian Land & Housing Rights project activities

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