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The Israeli Police targets Al-Kaswani family with Rubber bullets in Shaikh Jarrah neighborhood / Occupied Jerusalem


Security Camera Video Tape of The Al-Kaswani family home documented the Israeli Police Shooting rubber bullets towards the family members, followed by a sonic bomb exploded at the house.

In Tuesday, May 18th 2021, Sabreen Al-Kaswani was standing in front of her house at Ash-Shaikh Jarrah area after hearing the voices of clashes between Palestinian protestors and the Israeli Police.

An Israeli Police officer yelled at Sabreen (16) to go inside the house, and as she was going inside, he shot her in the back then she fell to the floor. family members gathered around the injured child to help, the so-called Police officers shot a sonic bomb towards them that exploded in the house. Sabreen reportedly suffers from a fracture in her backbone.

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Recent Events at Ash-Shaikh Jarrah showed how much violence the Israeli police can practice against Palestinians. Police violence was reflected in the forms of arbitrary arrests, torture, assaults and beating.

About Ash-Shaikh Jarrah:[1]

2 km north the walls of the old Jerusalem city , Ash-Shaikh Jarrah neighborhood currently contains 70 families , origin back to 28 Palestinian families forcedly displaced from their cities and villages During the 1948 war. Today, the 28 families became 550 people living in 28 buildings (divided into 63 small residential units).

[1] Source: GIS-LRC

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