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Opening a Colonial road to expand an outpost in Ni’lin and Deir Qaddis / Ramallah governorate


Violation: Opening a new colonial road nearby an outpost.

Location: Deir Qaddis lands and Ni’lin / West Ramallah.

 Date: April 26th 2021.

Perpetrators: The new outpost at the location.

Victims: People of the area.


Israeli machineries carried on ravages to open an agricultural road (1 km) north Ni’lin town and to the west of Deir Qaddis village. The agricultural road will take over 350 dunums around the outpost.

Noteworthy, the outpost was established one year ago on an area the occupation claims a “state property” and known as “Khallet Malik” nearby bypass “446”.  In its early establishment phases, the outpost took farm-like characteristics, and through time until recently the outpost started expanding (wooden residence, two agricultural tent, and a metal shack with a total area of 240 m2 used for cattle breeding). The Outpost now devours four dunums and had a terrible impact on agriculture at the area.

According to Deir Qaddis village council head Sa’id Abu Zaid: “Since the establishment of the outpost, there have been daily harassments against farmers on around 2 km. Colonists conduct random herding which harms Palestinian herders and postures. We informed relevant bodies in the Palestinian Liaison office but nothing was done to stop them.”

About the ravages, N’ilin municipality head ‘Imad Khawaja told LRC Municipality: “Monday, April 26th 2021, colonists brought a Komatsu bulldozer and carried on opening a colonial road illegally (about 1 km) which destroyed and banned access to 5 dunums of postures. The Occupation police on the other hand bans access to the location, which indicates that there is coordination between the occupation’s governmental bodies and Israeli colonists. Noteworthy, completing the road will put 350 dunums under confiscation sword between the outpost and the road."

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Photos 1-3: The outpost established in Ni’lin and Deir Qiddis

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Photos 4-6: The road opened by colonists

The outpost and the targeted lands are part of Deir Qaddis village in “Khallet Malik” location and belong to: Radi Nassir, Juma’a Othman, Farouq ‘Abbas, Rebhi Hussain, Shuhada Hussain, Majed Qattousa, Ibrahim Ya’acoub , Ziad Hamada, Heirs of Hussam Dawoud.

Part of the targeted lands are in N’ilin town in Natural Block 8 of Najmat Shukr location, and Aj-Jabal location that belong to: Ibrahim Al-Khawaja, Khalil Nafe’a, Heirs of Mohammed Sorour.

Reportedly, the occupation used similar methods to establish 17 outposts around the West Bank during 2020, at the beginning of this year two outposts were established in similar procedures.

The Outposts are a method to close vast areas of land and Judaize them, in order to connect colonies and create a settlement cluster on the expense of Palestinian rural communities.

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