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The Occupation Municipality Forces Three Families to Demolish their Own House in At-Tur town / Occupied Jerusalem


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The Israeli Court in the occupied city of Jerusalem forced three families to demolish their apartments in At-Tur, on the pretext of building without a license from the occupation municipality, the three families were facing threats from the occupation municipality and received demolition orders in March 2021.

Thursday, July 29th 2021, the three families were forced to demolish the building (180 m2). one floor and consists of three apartments built in March 2021, and inhabited by three families from Ad-Dajani:

  • Firas Ad-Dajani : who supports a family of 5 , 3 of them are children aging less than 18 years, the apartment has a total area of 60 m2.
  • Ahmed Ad-Dajani: who supports a family of 6 , 4 of them are children aging less than 18 years, the apartment has a total area of 60 m2.
  • Suhaib Ad-Dajani: who supports a family of 3, 1 of them is a child, and the apartment has a total area of 60 m2.

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The families had to demolish their own houses, or otherwise the occupation municipality will carry out the demolition and make them pay the costs that may reach 10 thousand of shekels. However, In Thursday, a bulldozer was rented to implement the demolition.

At-Tur village:[1]

At-Tur is one of Jerusalem’s oldest villages, it is located about 3 km to the east of Jerusalem city , At-Tur is bordered by As-Suwana and Al-Isawiya (north) , Jerusalem city – the old city (west), Az-Zayyem (east) and (Ash-Shayah) south , At-Tur has a population of 35,000 people (2017) .

At-Tur village has a total area of 9,200 dunums , of which (911) dunums are a built up area.


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