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The Israeli Occupation Confiscated Agricultural Machineries and Water Reservoirs in Khirbet Ar-Ras Al-Ahmar / Tubas governorate


Violation: Confiscating Agricultural Machineries and Water Reservoirs.

Location: Ar-Ras Al-Ahmar / Tubas Governorate.

Date: December 1st 2021.

Perpetrators: The Israeli Occupation Forces.

Victims: 12 families living at the community.


Wednesday, December 1st 2021, a massive army force, about 150 soldiers and (12 cars) related to the Israeli Civil Administration raided Ar-Ras Al-Ahmar area east Sahel Al-Buqai’a at the northern Jordan Valley , and confiscated machineries, tractors and water reservoirs belong to 12 families at the community.

The Occupation Authorities claimed that the families are living in an area declared as “Firing zone 901”.

Noteworthy, the Israeli Occupation imposed a complete closure at the location , before initiating the confiscation operation and taking the properties to the nearest Israeli military camp . The confiscated properties are: (6 tractors, 5 private cars , 4 water reservoirs , 3 carts) belong to:


Affected farmer

The confiscated properties


Saqer Bani ‘Odeh

Confiscating a water reservoir with a storage capacity of 3m3 , and confiscating a cart


Zaid Misleh

Confiscating an agricultural tractor


Jameel Babi Odeh

Confiscating 2 metal reservoirs (each one has a storage capacity of 3 m3)


Ma’ayad Daraghma

Confiscating an agricultural tractor


Hassan Bani ‘Odeh

Confiscating a private car Opel model 1988


Yousif Bani ‘Odeh

Confiscating a private car Hyundai model 2004


‘Odai Bsharat

Confiscating an agricultural tractor , a cart , and a water reservoir with a storage capacity of 3 m3


Qussai Bsharat

Confiscating a private car SEAT 2016


Jihad Bsharat

Confiscating a private car (Renault)


Abdullah Bsharat

Confiscating a tractor and a cart


Thaer Bsharat

Confiscating a tractor


‘Ali Bani ‘Odeh

Confiscating a tractor

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Photos 1-6: Confiscating tractors and farmers properties in Ar-Ras Al- Ahmar

Khirbet Ar-Ras Al-Ahmar and Al-Buqai’a plains are a hot spot for demolition operations. Everyyear, people of the community go through forcible displacement, or killing a large number of their sheep by missiles during military exercises over the year in the area that was declared as a closed military zone since 1973.

The Occupation authorities confiscate farmers machineries and properties, and left at the location a written notice entitled “Confiscation of a property” , illustrating that properties will be confiscated and moved to Karnei Shamron colony.

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Photos: confiscation notices for farmers at Ar-Ras Al-Ahmar

A visitor to Ar-Ras Al-Ahmar will notice the rough situation at the area due to the occupation’s arbitrary policies, at the time Bedouin communities suffer from shortage of resources and services, Israeli illegal colonists enjoy advanced infrastructure on a green land. The Israeli government steals Palestinians’ resources and gives them to colonists, and at the time they prohibit providing services to marginalized Palestinian communities, they build advanced infrastructure for Israeli illegal colonists. Moreover, Israeli illegal colonies are growing very quickly, and the construction of housing units is non-stop, while Palestinians are not allowed to make any new additions to their humble homes.

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