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The Israeli Occupation Declares 22 dunums as a “Natural Reserve” in Wad Al-Meklak / South Jericho


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Violation: Declaring a new natural reserve area where only Palestinian are not allowed to access , while Israelis are free to do what they want.

Location: Wad Al-Meklek / south Jericho.

Date: April 10th 2022.

Perpetrators: The Israeli Occupation Army commander.

Victims: Palestinians living in the area.


Sunday, April 10th 2022 , The West Bank Army commander “Faris ‘Atila” issued a military order number 363 to declare 22 thousand dunums of “Wad Al-Meklek” lands south Jericho a natural reserve, which came in reference  to Israeli law number (5730) for 1960.

The targeted area is located between several Israeli colonies such as (Almog , north the Dead Sea , Lido Yehuda, Aterketsia , Kalia) , and travels to An-Nabi Musa area to Al-Khan Al-Ahmar and Ma’ali Adumim.

Noteworthy, about 5280 dunums of the targeted lands are Palestinian private properties, belong to Palestinian citizens and families which is proved by legal documents.

The Israeli Occupation government issued orders to impose control over vast and significant Palestinian lands, the location of the targeted lands is between Jerusalem and Jericho, and the main purpose is to restrict Palestinian construction and land use, which is usually followed by a spread of Israeli forces in the area to prohibit Palestinian herders and farmers from accessing the lands, to keep it as a reserve for future colonial expansion for the surrounding settlements.

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The Map shows the location of the Natural Reserve in Jericho Governorate

In the year 2018 , the Israeli prime minister “Benjamin Natinyahu” ordered to set plans forwards to impose control over the rest of north Jerusalem lands especially Khan Al-Ahmar area .

Israeli illegal colonists had already started two illegal outposts between 2016-2018 , while on the other hand the occupation imposed restrictions on Bedouins at the area to make sure that they won’t build and new structures.

The Israeli occupation currently imposed a number of restrictions that aim to empty the area from its indigenous residents , while facilitate the settlements of large numbered of immigrant Israeli settlers. Among the most recent orders are the following:

  • In June 27th 2021 , the Israeli occupation declared 1633 dunums of Wad Al-Malih lands in Tubas a Natural Reserve where construction is banned for Palestinians.
  • In October 12th 2020 , the Israeli Occupation government issued three military orders to declare 11,916 dunums a natural reserve in Jericho and Tubas.
  • In July 5th 2021 , the Israeli so-called Nature Authority installed several signs in Wad As-Seeq community in Ramallah requesting to turn it into a natural reserve.
  • In April 16th 2019 , The Israeli Nature Authority installed metal signs on 1000 dunums in Nabi Noun mountain , declaring the area a natural reserve where only Palestinians not allowed, while Israeli settlers enjoy roaming around .