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The Occupation Uproots Trees and Demolishes retaining walls in Jamrura / Hebron government


Violation: Ravaging an agricultural land.

Date: November 14th 2022.

Location: Khirbet Jamrura / Hebron governorate.

Perpetrator: the Israeli Civil Administration.

Victims: Citizen Adeeb ‘Assafra.


Monday, November 14th 2022, the Israeli Occupation authorities ravaged a plot belongs to citizen Adeeb ‘Assafra , located in Khirbet Jamrura east Tarqumiya in Hebron Governorate. The ravages were accompanied by uprooting trees , demolition of retaining walls and a cistern , on the pretext of using a state land.

The affected citizen said that in the afternoon an army force , a vehicle from the civil administration , and a bulldozer raided the plot in Al-Rasem area, and the machineries carried on ravaging a plot and destroying retaining walls and a cistern.

The troops also ravaged (197 m ) of retaining walls , that used to surround the plot from all sides. And uprooted trees, covered them with dirt to hide the, in addition to demolish a  water harvesting cisterncistern (80 m3)  and filling it with earth mounds.

Photos 1-6 : Uprooting trees and destroying agricultural projects – Khirbet  Jamrura

The Occupation authorities’ bulldozers ravaged many trees as it shows hereinafter:



Trees type



5 years




5 years




5 years

A variety of grapes



4 years



The Occupation also demolished a kiosk of woods and plastic sheets , with a total area of (4 m2) , that used to provide a resting place for the farmer and his family  while they work at the land.

 The owner told LRC:

“I own a plot with a total area of 2.2 dunums, in Ar-Rasm area , Khirbet Jamrura west Hebron , and in 2018 I started rehabilitating it , I brought in about 50 dirt trucks , and 400 bags of compost, and built a wall and retaining walls around it , and planted it with several trees for my family and 12 grandchildren, I was trying to make a garden that contains a variety of crops for them, but the Occupation destroyed my dream and my land.”

In February 12th 2022 , the occupation authorities issued a notice of eviction from the responsible on governmental properties at the Israeli civil administration  , the notice ordered the eviction of the plot , uproot trees and demolish everything to return the plot to its previous status on the pretext that it Is a state property , the notice is numbered (45048) attached by an aerial photography that shows the targeted location.

The Occupation authorities gave the owner (45 days) to evict the plot, and threatened in case he didn’t do it, the forces will carry out the operation.

‘Asafra prepared the legal file and the ownership deeds , and assigned a lawyer from the Colonization and Wall Resistance commission to submit an objection. But the occupation forces however decided to forcedly evict the plot and destroy everything after the court refused petition submitted by the lawyer.

This is a part of the occupation’s policies to halt Palestinians’ expansion , and even agricultural activities. Noteworthy, the occupation implemented several eviction operations at Khirbet Jamrura.

The occupation illegally built a Quarry on Khirbet Jamurua lands , which pollutes the environment and the surrounding agricultural lands , noting that the produced stones are taken to the so called “Israel” to illegally build colonies on Palestinian lands.