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On the 43rd anniversary of the Land’s day …Palestinian Land Remains the Holiest


It is like land is shining on the forty third anniversary of the Land’s day, the luster of the light is stunning and stirring up people’s hearts.

In the anniversary of Land’s day , as we commemorate  the martyrs of the Palestinian land , as we remember all Palestine, the historic Palestine, at which the occupation destroyed 500 villages and cities and destroyed over (170,000) homes, and dislodged 1 million Palestinian (now became 7 million of refugees holding the right of return).

The arbitrary occupation grabbed (21) million dunums of Palestinian lands, took over 80 % of water resources, and uprooted millions of olive trees. The Israeli intervener did not hesitate to drain Al-Hula Lake and seize the Jordan River and Dead Sea.

Nevertheless, the arbitrary occupation arrested more than 1 million political prisoners, killed more than half million Palestinian, and caused millions of injuries and hinders.

 However, today there are 5 million Palestinians in Palestinian land and 7 million in the Diaspora. Olive trees still light up the universe and Palestinian crops are the best in grocery shops.

Is there still a doubt that the Palestinian land is the holiest? Or that its people’s dignity cannot be desecrated? And that their freedom fight will light up the freedom road for people of the earth?

In the celebration of Land’s day, our people are still steadfast in their lands and loyal for martyrs and freedom fighters; our people’s steadfast against the occupation is like holding onto hot coal.

Our societies are still the leader of the fight for the land, Thereof we were created, and into it we shall return.

Land Research Center

Jerusalem- Palestine

30th March - 2019