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LRC statement on the occasion of World Water Day


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In World Water day, Palestinians are thirsty on their own land that is rich with springs, rivers and sees.

The Israeli racist occupation robs water, and gives it to settlers who came from all around the world to occupy our land.

Despite the heavy rain this season, Palestinians were not allowed to collect water for their families or cattle, As the Israeli occupation targets water harvest projects like cisterns and small dams.

In the recent ten years, the Israeli occupation demolished 624 water reservoirs, pools and cisterns, all together contain 65,000 m3 of water. Noteworthy, per capita water use in Israel is three and a half times higher than in the West Bank.

Nevertheless, the occupation destroyed and took over hundred of artesian wells in Palestinian territories. Thus, Palestinians now receive water from the occupation that stole their resources and started negotiating over human dignity, life and freedom.

In the World Water Day, the Palestinian people are raising their voices , as water is a basic human need like oxygen, this right was granted by divine and human laws, when will the Palestinian people gain justice and dignity?!

                                                                                       Jerusalem – LRC