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From Balfour to Trump Declaration and Campbell conspiracy: A statement by Land Research Center- end of 2017


A hundred years past the Balfour Declaration that promised to grant Zionists a homeland in Palestine, Britain and ally countries stood to support the Zionist occupation of Palestine; a racist, replacing, displacing and colonial one.

Hundred years later, the leader country of imperialism, USA, came to offer the Trump Declaration to consider Jerusalem the capital of Israel  as to continue the core-objective of Campbell conference that is to implant an alien body in the Arab world, creating a state of instability, constant conflict, and divisions and allowing the colonial capitol to loot the Arab nations' resources and leaving them dependant consumers on the West.

To achieve the promise of homeland for Jews in Palestine, policies of lands theft, home demolition, and indigenous internal and external displacement have been drawn.  Hundreds of thousands of immigrant Jews were transferred in and replaced by indigenous Palestinians.

During the British Mandate and since 1922-1947, the Israeli colonization demolished more than 5000 residences, displacing around 32000 Palestinians both internally and externally.

In same period of time, the British government seized about 1,800,000 dunums and gave them to immigrant Jews. It also facilitated the arrival of 533000 immigrants into Palestine, most of them came from Russia , Poland, Romania, Lithuania and America.

Thus the imperialism paved the way to the establishment of the state of Israel that followed the same footsteps of the supporting countries but in worse and more vicious practices. Israel enjoyed and is still enjoying the support of the winning countries in World War I and II, which created the UN and League of Nations to control the fate of Israel. A clear example to that is the American veto against the rejection  to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel as against other decisions in favor of the Palestinian cause.

Since the Nakba, the Israeli Zionist presence in Palestine demolished 165000 residences, externally displaced 850000 indigenous inhabitants besides 530000 internally displaced, dispossessed 19,000,000 dunums of Palestinian private lands, and brought in about 5,000,000 Zionist immigrants and replaced them with indigenous Palestinians.

2017:  Year of achieving the Balfour Declaration

In 2017, the occupation state confiscated 9784 dnums of Palestinian lands in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, demolished 500 residences and structures, threatened 855 residence and structures of demolition and established 8 new colonial outposts. Reportedly, Israel is currently constructing 3122 residential units and expanding about 60 colonies.

Violations and attacks on Jerusalem escalated, around 900 attacks on Al-Aqsa Mosque and worshipers were reported carried out by Israeli Police and colonists, the latest of which was represented in setting up metal detecting gates at Al-Aqsa entrances. Palestinians stood up to this and resisted it until it was canceled.

Trumps' declaration of Jerusalem as the capital for the state of Israel came to encourage fanatic colonists to deposit a project in the Israeli parliament to annex areas classified "C" according to Oslo Accords to Israel, leading Palestinian communities and localities in areas A and B from the West Bank segregated, disconnected  and lawless.  Noteworthy, the project was suggested right after Jewish synagogue was opened under Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Despite all hardships and supported by all of the oppressed peoples,  a people like the Palestinian, who sparked three revolutions and more than seven uprisings and offered Hundreds of thousands of martyrs and over a million prisoner, will always resist until the occupation is uprooted.

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